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военные туры экскурсии в третьяковскую галерею подарочный сертификат катание на танке групповые заезды на танках стрельба из стрелкового оружия индивидуальные экскурсии по москве экскурсия в бкд экскурсии по москве виза в россию катание на танке необычные корпоративные мероприятия тур на байконур входные билеты в кремль катание на танке в группе катание на танке в подарок экскурсия в грановитую палату выстрел из танка катание на бмп экскурсии в москве катание на танке в составе группы стрельба из танка военные приключения экскурсии в кремль экскурсия в большой кремлевский дворец стрельба из оружия катание на танке т-55 катание на танках поездка на байконур экскурсионные туры по москве катание на военной технике достопримечательности байконура курс молодого бойца туры на байконур гонки на танках организация корпоративных мероприятий стоимость тура на байконур обзорная экскурсия по москве аренда теплохода в москве экскурсии на байконуре

Adventures Tank rides

Tanks and military vehicles rides: BMP, BMD, BTR, etc. Firing of small arms, gun firing, shooting a tank gun.

Organization and making corporate events of different complexity and focus levels. Unusual scenario of corporate events, presentations, press conferences, press-events, holidays and other events.


Tank rides on T-34, T-55, KV-2, IS-2, IS-3, Tiger VI. Military vehicles rides, armored personnel carriers and armored cars: SU-100, BTR, BMP, BMD, BRDM, Hanomag, self-propelled units.

Cannon and small arms: pistols, submachine guns, rifles, machine guns. Antitank guns.

Attention! Group tank riding costs - 9000 rubles per 1 person.. The groups are collected and filled constantly.

You can order a gift certificate for tank rides. You will get 15% discount when buying a certificate for a group. .

ВThe owner of the tank rides certificate can activate it within 45 days and choose a convenient date of service.

The venue is  – 35 kilometers from Moscow.

Видео ролик мероприятия для компании Mail.Ru Group (60 человек).


Program costs: Tanks and armored vehicles rides. Firing weapons of WWII. Rent weapons: rifles, pistols, machine guns. You can choose any possible options that can be ordered.


Important ! The total price is calculated individually. SPECIAL PRICE  is provided depending on the number of selected elements..

Heavy tanks


KV-2, IS-2, IS-3, Tiger VI" Pz.Kpfw VI Aus H, Self-propelled units ISU-152.

Medium tanks


T-34, T-34-85, T-55, "Panther V" Pz.Kpfw(Sd.Kfz171) (replica), Pz.Kpfw IV Aus H (replica), Self-propelled guns SU-100.

Light tanks


PT-76B, T-26(replica), BT-5(replica), "Te-Ke" type 97(replica), crawler Tractor GT-MU (based on GAS 3402), ATL, ATC, ATP.

Armored carriers, armored cars, armored vehicles.


BMP-1, BMD, BRDM, BTR-PB, BTR-50, BTR-152, BTR-40.

Sd.Kfz 251 "Hanomag" (Germany), Armored car "Austin-Putilovets" (replica).

The firing of small arms since the second world war and the Civil war: machine guns, pistols, rifles, machine guns, cannons.


A wide selection of real, cool combat weapons, which may be of interest to any member of the military program.

СThe shooting of firearms is carried out on specially prepared platforms from the shelters.

Shooting is necessarily conducted under the supervision of several experienced instructors.

Pistols: Parabellum-Pistole (Luger), Mauser 96, Walter P38, M1911, TT, etc.
Rifles: Mauser 98, Mosin rifle, sniper rifle Mosin, Winchester, etc.
Automatic weapons: MP-40, Sturmgewehr (StG44 / MP 44), Thompson sub-machinegun, PPSH, PPS, AK-47, etc.
Machineguns: Maxim, MG-42 (remade), DP, PK, DShK, etc.
Manual anti-tank guns.

Important: shooting is carried out only with blank cartridges or from airsoft weapons.

Shooting from the tank. Shooting from the cannon (Germany, USSR).

Important! To calculate the total cost of services you should take into account the total number of blank shots for small arms and cannons per 1 person.

During the demonstration, rent of each weapon, and each shot are paid separately.
1 cartridge to the machinegun, the pistol, the submachine-gun, the rifles.
1 cartridge to the large-caliber machine-guns DShK 12.7 mm KPV 14, 2 mm
A shot of anti-tank guns.
A shot of the cannon (1 blank shot).
Shot from the tank (1 blank shot).

Important! The work of the gunman is paid additionally.

Additional services.


Lunch: a field-kitchen, Barbecue, Rice, Coffee break.
Rent of the uniforms to participate in the event.
Helmets for sale.
Tent rentals for up to 15 people winter/summer.
Shot with a "hit" (to the ground imitation of the explosion).
Professional pyrotechnics for any program (explosions, smoke, models).
Team games.
Services of a professional video operator. Aerial photography from a helicopter.
Services of a professional photo operator.

Routes of tank and armored vehicles riding: concrete platforms, rugged terrain, forest.

Video about carrying out a corporate training for visitors from Switzerland (10 people).


Features and advantages of the order of programs of tanks, BMP, armored personnel carriers and other military and combat vehicles riding, firing from tanks, guns, various types of small arms.


We recommend to plan and make reservation of various corporate events in advance (2-3 weeks) before to the planned date of the event;

- The possibility of organizing a wide range of different activities depending on their format;

- All activities in our military base are possible all year round in all weather conditions;

- Development of individual corporate programs and VIP events of any complexity, depending on the wishes and preferences;

For foreign visitors we provide professional interpreters with extensive knowledge of military subjects;

We also have special children's programs;

- Ability to organize complex programs, including tanks, military vehicles and machines: BMP, BTR, BMD and other types of vehicles riding;

- Carrying out a fascinating tour of the exhibition of military vehicles and weapons (more than 400 units). According to the numerous participants of the tour program, the tour in our military base is much more interesting than the tour to the tank Museum in Kubinka. An important thing is a unique opportunity not only to see more than 400 species of military vehicles and small arms, but also to get inside any of the exhibit, to touch everything with your hands.

The formats of the events.


Corporate events
Press conferences
Press events
Corporate trainings

Here are some samples of our programs of tanks and military vehicles riding.

The example of program from May 17, 2014 for the company Mail.Ru Group for 60 people >>>

Individual integrated program for two people from 30 May 2014 >>>

Corporate military training for 10 people from Switzerland from 06.09.2014 >>>

Подарок девушки своему супругу на День Рождения 25.10.2014 >>>

Образец корпоративной программы 4 человека: катание на танке, стрельба из танка, стрельба из автомата MP-40, полевая кухня от 09.12.2014 г. >>>

Integrated military interactive corporate program, as an example of a universal program.

So, it is an integrated program considering the fact that the group is 30 people, citizens of the Russian Federation.

The number of shots is the most optimal for each weapon.
Participants are divided into 3 subgroups, 10 people in each one, before the program starts.
Arrival at the base.. Parking.
The bus delivers guests, enters the territory of the base, the guests get off and after that the bus leaves the area. Guests are met and welcomed by the organizers. If participants came to the base by their cars, there is Parking at the checkpoint for them.
Dressing up in military uniforms.30 minutes.
Participants go to a special room and put on the military uniform consisting of jacket, trousers and tank helmet.The uniform allows you to feel free while participating in active programs, and revision of military vehicles. And, of course, the uniform creates a mood.
Coffee break: coffee, tea, sandwiches, pastries, and chocolate. From 30 minutes to 1 hour.
Briefing on safety.15 minutes.
Before the event starts, the instructors will tell you about the safety rules that must be followed while riding and firing. Participants sign the documents with the rules of conduct.
Participants are divided into subgroups for successive stages of the event.

The active part of the program:
BMP and BRDM riding with gunfire, mines, pyrotechnics, 60 minutes.
The participants do not know about the upcoming firefight. Participants come to the point of activity where they see Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV or BMP) andBMD. strong>. The guide tells about the history of cars, instructors. Drivers acquaint visitors with the external and internal structures of the BMP and BMD and their features, management system. Instructors tell you about the seats location for the crew inside the vehicle, the location of units and weapons. Then participants take seats in the troop and a crew compartment, and make the first check-in stowed position on a circle. Return to the starting point, and change seats in different sections. During the second ride, at a certain point, there is an explosion, and smoke appears, BMP stops, you can hear shots from the machines from two points. The rifleman from BMP gives return fire at gunpoint, after the "hit" in the gun, there is an explosion of the machine gun layout, smoke appears, people wearing clothes of "dushmans" run out from their shelters, scatter and shot from the guns. BMP returns to the starting point.
Instructors strictly keep following safety rules. During a break between the rides there is photography and video shooting in the armored vehicles.
Starting point: concrete platform in the forest

Tank riding: T-34, T-55 etc., according to the choice of the participants.60 minutes.
Each participant of tank riding may try to ride on the seats of the crew inside the tank, and on the armor of the tank as well.

Shooting from the tank. 15 minutes.
Any participant can make a shot from the tank, while being inside the tank optionally. This option can be added at the moment oftank riding.

The firing of anti-tank guns with a""hit" " to the tank and a return shot from the tank. 60 minutes.
The participants shoot on the command of the instructor. There is explosion on the armor of the tank, smoke appears and the tank is conventionally damaged. Then the tank stops, and after a short pause, shoots in the direction of the shooters. There is an explosion not far from the participants, depicting hit the tank in the ground, after a few seconds the tank starts to move towards the shooters, then accelerates, moves, coming close to the firing point, turns sharply towards the front of the shooters position, and goes to the starting position.
At the end you are given time for photography and video shooting.
Anti-tank guns from the World War II are used for firing. Anti-tank gun Degtyarev (PTRD) or five-discharged anti-tank rifle Simonov (PTRS) both are samples of 1941, created in the USSR. Shooting is done at the improvised shooting positions. The instructor will tell you about the history of this weapon, and the gunman will explain and show you how to fire. Blank shots. Shooting is conducted from a lying position. Participants take places at the position. Gunmen charge the guns, check the readiness and the participants wait for the command. At this time tank comes out from its initial position and moves in the direction of the firing point, where the riflemen are waiting for it.
Starting point: the territory of the base.

Shooting and a story about weapon. 60 minutes.
On the so-called "shooting point" in a field setting, there are some weapons from different historical periods and countries. These are genuine samples of small arms firing with blank cartridges. Instructors will tell you about the safety rules while working with weapons. Then they acquaint guests with a variety of weapons and the history of their creation. You take some guns from the samples for firing. You shoot to the targets and imaginary opponents under the supervision of instructors and gunmen. At the end, you will be given some time for photography and video shooting with guns.
Firing from small arms of the Second World War and the Civil War: sub-machine guns, pistols, rifles, machine guns, cannons.
AK-47 (Kalashnikov sub-machinegun), 20 shots for 1 person.
PKM (Kalashnikov machine gun), 20 shots for 1 person.
Maxim machine gun, 10 shots for 1 person.
Mauser pistol, 5 shots for 1 person.
Pistol Parabellum-Pistole (Luger), 5 shots for 1 person.
PPSh (pistol machinegun of Shpagin), 10 shots for 1 person.
Mosin rifle, 10 shots for 1 person.
PPSh, 20 shots for 1 person.
Manual Anti-tank Rifle, 3 shots for 1 person.
DShK machine gun, 5 shots for 1 person.

Team games. 60 minutes.
Stages of the program are built as a chain of interrelated tasks. The group is split into 2 teams. Each team has a commander of the team. Teams compete with each other. Instructors perform the competitions.
1) Competition in gas masks
2) Target shooting from training (paintball) weapons
3) Overcoming the "swamp" sheds
4) Map restoration
5) Assembling-disassembling the sub-machinegun AK-47 at a speed competition
6) "Minefield"
7) Rope ferry

Survey of armored vehicles and artillery exposition. 40 minutes.
In the exhibition, in a private hangar, you can see the vehicles of periods of the Second World War and the Cold War. Mostly these are armors of the USSR; there is artillery of the First World War and the Second World War. Among the most genuine tanks there are restored samples, and copies of rare armored cars. The uniqueness of the exposition is that all vehicles are “in motion”, and there is internal hardware inside. Unlike most museums, the vehicles are open and available for inspection completely. Experienced guides will tell you about tanks, armored vehicles and guns, the history of their creation and combat employment, their technical features. During the tour, guests will explore the vehicles inside. If you wish, you may take unique photos and videos of the interior and the internal structure of the armored vehicles. The tour takes place in a free form.

Armor riding in column. 30 minutes.
After the tour of the exposition of armored vehicles, the participants are divided into conditional crews, make rides in column driving all armored vehicles used in the event. Participants change seats and vehicles. The column passes with the flag of the USSR through the smoke screen under bursts of automatic fire.

Military field lunch. From 1 to 3 hours.
Lunch takes place in an army tent with a simple camp furniture. In summer, a tent is used like a shelter from the sun and rain, and in winter, small stoves are installed in the tent. The small stoves are fueled by wood and additionally there is a heater that maintains the temperature.
Wearing civilian clothes.
After lunch, the participants come out of the tents and go to the room where they change into civilian clothes.

Riding on military vehicles or tank racing can be held in the form of unusual corporate event.

Many people present such services like firing of weapons in the form of a gift certificate for Birthday, Anniversary, and Holiday.

While planning the program of activities at our military base you can choose the vehicles to ride on, and to choose a particular tank, from which you wish to make a shot in advance.

Honestly, the impressions when firing from the tank are close to the maximum possible at 99%. Many adults are impressed up to the depth of their souls during the observation of such event. Indeed, many people have seen such things on TV only and never in their life.

It is important that each of the members of our military programs can personally be inside the tank at the time of the shot and the most important thing is to make the shot.

We recommend to all participants of the military programs or corporate events to fire at least one shot from the real tank.
Of course, each tourist can observe firing from the tank with his own eyes and to get the maximum experience.

Experience suggests that you get the greatest impressions when you are out of the tank and watch the firing from the tank.
ПIt is very important that at the time of photographing of a tank firing process we recommend to use a tripod. It is very difficult to catch the shot from the tank when photographing.

For the most obvious visual perception of shooting from the tank, we can offer to create the effect of destruction of the target by tank using additional fireworks.

Detailed photo gallery of tanks and armored vehicles riding, firing weapons >>>


Сбор группы перед катанием на танкахНеобычный корпоратив-катание на танкахКраш-тест на танке Т-55Нападение душманов на колонну с техникойКатание на броне техникеСтрельба из РПТРСтрельба из танка. Выстрел из танка.Катание на БМП. Катание на военной техникеКатание на БМД, Боевая Машина Пехоты

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