Night sightseeing tour in Moscow. Evening sightseeing tour in Moscow. Individual tours around Moscow using transport - Городской вояж Туры по России
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Tours in Russia Tours in Moscow Night sightseeing tour

Night sightseeing tour in Moscow. Evening sightseeing tour in Moscow. Individual tours around Moscow using transport

We offer individual night or evening sightseeing tour in Moscow to our clients and partners for individuals and for pre-formed groups of 10 to 50 people.

Important! As a rule, tours are carried out in the evening time.
The estimated start time for sightseeing tour is – 09.00 P.M. At your request, the start time of night sightseeing tour can be changed.

Important!  Sightseeing tours in Moscow can be carried out in English or any other language of the world: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Croatian, Hebrew, Chinese, Persian, Hindi, Arabic, Vietnamese and many others.

Attention! If you order the tour 1 day before or on the day of the tour starts, the price is calculated individually on your request!

The cost of night or evening sightseeing tour in Moscow consists of two points:

- service of guides or guide-interpreters: from 950 to 1750 rubles per 1 hour of work. The cost will depend on the language in which the tour is carried out. We are ready to offer you the services of professional guides-interpreters in almost any language of the world.

There is extra fee to the total cost of services for the work of a guide-interpreter or a guide in the night time  1200 rubles

- Buses, cars and vans rent;

The cost of transfers:

Cars: from 650 rubles per 1 hour of work.
Minibuses: from 700 rubles per 1 hour of work.
Buses: from 1200 rubles per 1 hour of work.

In this table, you can select a suitable guide-interpreter or a tour guide in any language and a type of vehicle.

The calculation of the cost of a night sightseeing tour in Moscow.
The minimum work time of a guide-interpreter or a guide is 3-4 hours depending on the tour duration.
The minimum work time of cars: 3+1 hour for delivery.
The minimum work time of vans: 4+1 hour for delivery.
The minimum work time of buses: 4+2 hours for delivery.

Night sightseeing tours in Moscow are carried out by professional guides or guides-interpreters who have great work experience, the relevant licenses and accreditation for carrying out the tour.

We organize night sightseeing tours in Moscow for adults and children.

The approximate route of night sightseeing tour Moscow.
Important! The night tour itinerary includes a visit to the sights of Moscow, which have beautiful backlighting and illumination.
The place where the tour starts (agreed in advance) - the area of Paveletsky railway station - Opera house (modern architecture of the city) - Stalin's skyscrapers - the square of three stations - Hilton hotel (former hotel "Leningrad") - Sklifosovsky hospital - Mayakovsky square – Tverskaya street- hotel Moscow, Okhotny Ryad (stop, exit) - the Bolshoi theatre - the building of the Russian FSB (KGB, Lubyanka) - the Polytechnic Museum – Nikolskaya street – the Red Square, St. Basil's Cathedral (exit, stop) - Kremlin embankment - the Cathedral of Christ the Savior (exit, stop - visit to the Patriarch bridge) – Prechistenka street - Novodevichy convent - the sports complex "Luzhniki" - Sparrow Hills, observation point, Moscow State University (exit, stop) - Mosfilmovskaya street, Mosfilm building, embassies of foreign states - Poklonnaya Gora (exit, stop) - Kutuzov Avenue, the Triumph Arch – Moscow City - embankment of Moscow river - the House of Government - New Arbat street - a place where the tour ends.

Our tour-guide always acts according to the interests and wishes of tourists during evening or night sightseeing tour in Moscow.
The program can be changed depending on the place where the tour starts, on the time and day of the week. While having the tour, you will have some getting out of the vehicle, short walks, where you will be able to look at the sights more carefully and to notice the details and features of Moscow architecture. You will also make some wonderful photos while having the tour.

The duration of the evening or night sightseeing tours in Moscow is 3-4 hours.
The duration of the tour can be reduced or increased depending on the wish of tourists.
Anyway it should be agreed while the process of booking a sightseeing tour in the city.

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