Excursions in Russia for the Russian and foreign tourists. Individual and group tours to Russia . - Городской вояж Туры по России
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Tours in Russia

Excursions in Russia for the Russian and foreign tourists. Individual and group tours to Russia .

Tours in Russia. Sightseeing tours. Group and individual tours. Tours in any city of Russia for the foreigners. The sights Of Russia.

Excursions and tours in Russia.

Important!!! All tours can be organized individually for any number of tourists. You can order the tour one day before it starts or even at the same day!

Our specialists constantly work on development and improvement of excursion service in many cities of Russia.
The company «“Tour in city” » is glad to offer you a wide range of tours in almost any region of Russia.
We do our best to provide you with the most positive and interesting information about Russia.
We are going to make this idea to come true with the help of organization and carrying out of various tours in the cities of Russia.
Many guests of the foreign states have a limited understanding of the attractions of Russia in general and its cities in particular.
The main goal of our company is to show people the greatness and the power of our country, its beauty and originality while having the tours.
Kinds tours in Russia, their direction.
The company«"Tour in city" » offers to your attention bus, walking, sightseeing and interactive tours..
For carrying out most of the tours we offer any vehicles, as a rule they are cars, vans and buses. All the vehicles are of a good quality and of foreign manufacture, equipped with air conditioning.
Such tours are considered to be the bus excursions.
Walking tours around the city are carried out on foot. In different cities of Russia there are many interesting routes that pass through the main sights of a city, historical part is included by all means.
Sightseeing tours include general features. They can be carried out at any place - in the city, in the museum, in the park, in the palace or in the gallery.
While having a guided tour you will be given general information, which gives imagination about the presence of certain landmarks, objects, sculptural, artistic heritage or architectural monuments.
The hallmark of sightseeing tour is that for you will be able to get a lot of interesting and useful information about a city, a museum, a gallery and other objects of the excursions in a short period of time.
Sightseeing tours usually last from 2 to 4 hours. But any way our professional guides are ready to develop the individual sightseeing tours with the duration of more than 4 hours for you.
Tours in Russia can be classified in lots of varieties. We will try to show you the most simple and clear differences between the tours and their characteristics.
Interactive excursionsare carried out using some activities.
Professional choreographers, dancers, artists and animators take part in such tours. These persons make true masterpiece, a feast or festive show from the common tour programs!
The sightseers are also actively involved In the interactive part of the tours, so you participate in master classes and different competitions.
Thematic tours.
Any tour in the city tour, museum, gallery, or in the estate can be of a distinct thematic in nature.
Standard sightseeing tour of Moscow is devoted to architectural monuments and buildings mostly.
We offer such thematic tours as Mysterious Moscow, Romantic Moscow, Mystical Moscow, Literary Moscow, Criminal Moscow etc.
A standard tour at any museum is carried out by a professional guide, but thematic tour can already include additional attraction of folk elements, dressing up in costumes, competitions, raffles, wine tasting and much more.
The specialists of «"Tour in city”» will develop and sort out individual fascinating thematic programs for you, which can be interesting and entertaining not only for individuals, but for groups as well.
Group and individual tours.
Today our company«"Tour in city"» focuses on the organization of individual tours in various cities of Russia from Moscow to Vladivostok, from Krasnodar to Kaliningrad.
Individual approach to the organization of the tours in Russia gives us opportunity to consider all wishes of the client, to develop a step-by-step tour programs, which can include a complete list of all possible services.
In any case, our experience allows us to work with group tours also. We have a big experience in organizing tour programs for groups from 20 up to 200 people, both adults and children.
In our view individual tours allow tourists to get better and informative tour program if it is prepared and organized individually.
Individual approach to the organization of the tours does not mean that the tours should include only 2-3 persons, there can be also 40-50 people. It is important that the group is formed independently and the members have common interests. In this case, any excursion will be carried out professionally and interesting.
Classic and unusual excursions.
We believe that the classical or standard tours follow standards of morality and behavior in society. These tours introduce us to the history of the city, its monuments, art museums and galleries, estates and palaces.
Unusual excursions affect norms and interests that are on the verge of generally accepted and very strongly oriented under a rather narrow circle of persons to whom this tour will be interesting. So unusual tours are excursions which are partly alien to common perception. For example: the excursion to the Museum of torture, excursion to the Museum of sex, excursion to the Museum of funeral services, tour in a Psychiatric hospital, a tour of Nightclubs and much more
Our specialists are always ready to develop, to prepare and to organize any interesting classic or unusual tour for you. We work for you!
About the guides-interpreters.
In preparing and organizing all kinds of tours in any city of Russia and the world in general a very important role is played by those people who directly develop an informative tour program.
They are guides-interpreters, specialists who carry out tours for foreigners in a foreign language.
All the tour guides andinterpretersmust pass special training courses which last from several months to several years.
This training includes not only a good knowledge of the main attractions of the cities of Russia and their cultural heritage, but also the ability to teach, to tell, to share their knowledge with other people, tourists during the tour.
After completion of the professional courses, eachguide-interpreterandtour guide receives accreditation, license for carrying out this or that tour. It does not matter if it is a sightseeing tour or excursion to some specialized museum or art gallery.
Such a serious training of specialists allows our company to have a large number of intelligent, having great knowledge and experienced professionals. Today we can arrange tours in almost any language of the world.
Providing transport for the tours.
It is important to understand that some tours include comfortable vehicle with a driver.
But even in this case you can use your own transport while having the tour.
Some tours do not include transport, for example, a tour to the museum. But any way we can provide you with transport on your request.
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