Tours in Moscow. Sightseeing and walking tours. Tour service for foreign tourists. Excursions in the museums of Moscow. - Городской вояж Туры по России
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Tours in Russia Tours in Moscow

Tours in Moscow. Sightseeing and walking tours. Tour service for foreign tourists. Excursions in the museums of Moscow.


Attention! The cost of the tour ordered before one day or the same day when the tour starts is calculated individually on the request!

All the tours in Moscow can be carried out in any foreign languages.

Important! Dear tourists and partners! Please pay attention to the possibility of organizing VIP tours in Moscow..

Strictly individual approach, special conditions of booking and payment services, quality of services and high level of their provision. The guides of the highest category. The best transport provided for the tours of Moscow: limousines, helicopters, yachts, unique retro-cars, military vehicles.

Tours for adults and children

Sightseeing tours in Moscow, thematic and walking tours

VIP tours in Moscow for foreign tourists

Sightseeing tour  (by day)

Sightseeing tour  (at night, in the evening)

Экскурсия "Романтическая Москва"

Walking tours 

Экскурсия "Мистическая Москва"

Excursion Metro + Old Arbat

Экскурсия "Литературная Москва"

River boat tour

Экскурсия "Музыкальная Москва"

The boat-restaurant tour

Excursions in the museums of Moscow Kremlin

Excursion to the Kremlin

Excursion to the Armory Chamber

Excursion to the Diamond Fund

Excursion in the Big Kremlin Palace

Tours in the estates of Moscow

Excursion in Kolomenskoye

Excursion in the museum-reserve Tsaritsyno

Excursion in Arkhangelskoe

Excursion to the Museum-estate Kuskovo

Excursions to the museums of Moscow

Excursion to the Tretyakov gallery

Excursion to the Museum of Modern art

Excursion to the Museum of fine arts named by A.S. Pushkin

Excursion to Mosfilm

Excursion to the Izmailovo Kremlin

Excursion to Gulag Museum

Excursion to Ostankino TV tower

Excursion to the Underground Bunker

Tour to Star city

Tour to the aviation museum in Monino

Tour to the tank museum in Kubinka

Excursion to the museum of the Great Patriotic War

Excursion to the museum of the Armed Forces

Excursion to the Museum of the Patriotic war of 1812

Excursion to the museum of retro cars

Excursion to the Museum «"Borodino Pan»

Excursion to the museum of East

Excursion to the Historical museum

Tour ""Bulgakov's Moscow""

Excursion to the museum of Cosmonautics

Excursion to the museum of Sport

Excursion to the «Federation tower»

Excursions to the temples and monasteries of Moscow and Moscow region

Excursion to Novodevichiy convent

Excursion to the Trinity-Sergius Lavra

Excursion to the manufacture in Sofrino

Excursion to Nikolo-Ugreshskiy monastery

Excursion to the Hermitage of the Holy cross exaltation of Jerusalem monastery

Excursion to the Resurrection new Jerusalem monastery

Excursions in unusual museums and places of Moscow

Excursion to the State Duma of the Russian Federation

Excursion to the  Big Theatre

Excursion to the museum of the Physical Cabinet of curiosities

Excursion""Night clubs of Moscow""

Excursion to the museum of corporal punishment

Excursion to the museum of slot machines

Excursion ""Secrets of the Inquisition", ", the Cabinet of curiosities

Excursion to the museum of alcoholism history

Excursion to the Museum of Optical Illusions


School tours, tours for children

Excursion to the museum of Buratino-Pinocchio

Tour to the Animal Farm

Excursion to the Museum of Christmas-tree decorations factory

Tour to the house of Fairy tales

Tour to the Reindeer Farm

Excursion to Darwin Museum

Excursion to the Museum of the World Fairy Tales +Shoe Museum

Excursion to the Museum of the Physical Cabinet of curiosities

Excursion to Experimentanium

Excursion to the Planetarium

Excursion to the Museum of the Russian Food

Excursion in the Museum of Paleontology

Excursion to the Museum of APPLE technology

Excursion to the museum of slot machines

Excursion to the Zoo

Excursion to the Aquarium

Excursion to the Delphinarium

Excursion to the factory of wooden toys

Excursion to the bison nursery

Excursion to the Museum of Optical Illusions

City of the Masters


Excursions to the Manufactures and Factories

Excursion to the Museum of Beer

Factory of painted boxes Fedoskino

Excursion to the chocolate factory

Excursion to the manufacture of Gzhel

Excursion to the wine-vodka factory

Excursion to the bakery

Excursion to the Pastila factory

Pavlovo-Posad shawls and Dulevo porcelain

Excursion to the soft drinks factory

Factory of painting Zhostovo

Additional children's tour programs

Rent of comfortable transport, price

Our advantages:

- Possibility of organizing tours in Moscow in the shortest period of time, up to the day of the order;
- Prompt and quality work of our specialists in organization of tours in Moscow;
- Availability of our specialists at any time;
- Professional accredited guides and interpreters in any language and guides for carrying out the tours in Moscow;
- Possibility of renting comfortable transport for the tours: buses, vans, cars.

Tours in Moscow.

- Tours for adults;
- Tours for school children;
- For foreign citizens in any language;
- Individual and group;
- Classic and unusual;
- Sightseeing bus and walking tours;
- Interactive and theatrical;
- Thematic tours;
- VIP tours.

Classic and unusual tours. Individual tours. Day and night tours. Special features and the order of reservation the tours.

The company «“Tour in city"» offers to all tourists and partners entertaining and informative tours in Moscow and Moscow region.
All the tours are organized individually. Our specialists pay attention to all the wishes and interests of their clients.
A distinctive feature of our company is that we organize all tours quickly and efficiently.
We accept orders of the tours even 1 day before the tours start, and sometimes even on the same day of the tour in Moscow.
A wide range of the tours in Moscow allows us to be useful for a very large audience of tourists.
Tours are carried out in almost every language of the world, at any time of the year and day.
Our highly trained guides and guide-interpreters have a great work experience and they are able to carry out the tours for tourists of any age from 5 to 80 years old.
Important! We can offer you to rent our comfortable transport of foreign manufacture: buses, minibuses and cars, VIP transport for the tours..


Classic tours in Moscow for adults and children.
Moscow becomes more and more popular among tourists. Its popularity grows for both foreign and Russian tourists.
The most popular, of course, are the classic or standard tours of Moscow and Moscow region.
«Classic tours of Moscow» include visiting different standard museums, art galleries, estates, nature reserves.
Services of the museums of Moscow expand constantly. In addition to the main museums and galleries in Moscow we can offer a unique opportunity to visit interesting exhibitions and presentations.
Unusual tours of Moscow and Moscow region.
As a rule, they are non-standard places, museums and exhibitions, which are little known and almost not affordable for the average person.
In any case, while having unusual tours in Moscow you will necessary get knowledge and useful information. Very often some interactive parts or master classes are included into the structure of unusual tours.
Unusual toursare very popular among both adults and children.
The most popular unusual tours in Moscow include visiting different factories and manufactures, extraordinary museums, art galleries and exhibitions, a large number of copyright thematic excursions in Moscow.


The most popular tours in Moscow.

VIP tours. Individual tours for Russian and foreign tourists.

VIP tours mean strictly individual approach to all services. It is EXPENSIVE, BUT GREAT!

EXPENSIVE - because tours can be arranged individually within one day before the tour starts or even at the same day when the tour starts. While organizing the tour we have a special booking order and payment service, excellent trained guide-interpreters or tour guides.We provide you with transport of Business, Executive and Premium classes. We pay attention to the individual and the most unexpected requests of the customer in organizing tours and services in general.

You will visit all main attractions of the city during a sightseeing tour: Red Square, Alexander Garden, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Victory Park, Poklonnaya Gora, Vorob'evy Hills, Exhibition of Economic Achievements, Mosfilm and some other exciting and interesting places of Moscow.
During sightseeing tours in Moscow provides an output of the transport to make small walks, where you can take pictures.
Anyway, our professional tour guide or guide-interpreter will work according to the wishes of the clients. If you wish, the route of the sightseeing tour in Moscow can be changed, the duration of its time can be increased or decreased.
Qualified guides are able to make a sightseeing tour of Moscow interesting for both adults and children.
Excursions to the museums of Moscow Kremlin are the most popular and demanded in Moscow. Actually, Moscow Kremlin is a symbol of Moscow and Russia in general.
All guests of Moscow always try to have a tour to the Kremlin, the Armory Chamber or the Diamond Fund in each of their trips.
It is very important to keep in mind that theKremlin tours are the most difficult in organizing in Moscow and you should order and book them in advance (7-14 days before the planned date of the tour).
Attention! Our professional managers and guides are ready to organize an excursion to the Kremlin even 1 day before the tour starts. We work for you!
Walking tours.
Walking tours in Moscow are popular and demanded all year round. As a rule, all walking tours are planned and carried out around the oldest and central parts of Moscow.
The most interesting are the walking tours in Zamoskvorechye, tours of the Old Arbat, walking tours inside the Boulevard ring where there are lots of ancient streets.
Guided walking tours  are very useful as they are informative good for your health. Today in the 21st century, everyone got used to the transport.
Walking around the city will give you great impressions from what you saw, but a more pleasant thing is that you managed to hike the whole route yourself.
Excursion to the Tretyakov gallery.
Today Tretyakov gallery is the most popular for visiting among Russian and foreign tourists compared with other galleries in Moscow.
The guides who carry out the excursions in Tretyakov gallery, believe that the paintings and the exhibitions presented in the Tretyakov gallery are much more interesting and many-sided than anywhere else.
Of course, we mean the permanent exhibition of fine arts in the Tretyakov gallery.
Excursions in the Tretyakov gallery can be carried out for individual tourists and for groups as well.
Tours for children. School tour programs.
Most of the museums in Moscow offer guided tours for adults and for children. . However, some of the museums offer onlychildren's tour programs or tours for schoolchildren..
These tours can be traditionally informative, unusual and interactive.


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