The company "Tour in City" offers a complex organization of tourist services for Russian and foreign tourists. - Городской вояж Туры по России
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индивидуальные экскурсии по москве поездка на байконур экскурсия в грановитую палату катание на танках гонки на танках военные туры катание на военной технике экскурсия в большой кремлевский дворец экскурсии по москве катание на танке в группе обзорная экскурсия по москве экскурсии на байконуре экскурсионные туры по москве катание на танке в составе группы подарочный сертификат катание на танке групповые заезды на танках экскурсии в третьяковскую галерею входные билеты в кремль катание на танке т-55 военные приключения туры на байконур катание на танке в подарок курс молодого бойца стрельба из стрелкового оружия стрельба из оружия выстрел из танка катание на бмп тур на байконур стрельба из танка экскурсия в бкд необычные корпоративные мероприятия аренда теплохода в москве экскурсии в москве организация корпоративных мероприятий стоимость тура на байконур экскурсии в кремль достопримечательности байконура катание на танке виза в россию

Trust is the only key leading to success at the people-oriented work.

The company "Tour in City" has been working in the sphere of tourist and MICE since 2008.

The specialists of our company have a great work experience and provide foreign guests with professional and high-quality services.
We can offer all possible tourist services for adults and children.
Our credo is individual and operational approach to any order or service, regardless of the complexity and content.

The main directions of activity of the company "Tour in City".

- Organizing and conducting tours all over Russia.

VIP tours in Moscow. Private tours. Standard and classic excursions and tours. Unusual and unique tours. Tours for the foreigners and tourists from Russia, for both adults and children.
Our company offers the services of qualified and licensed tour guides and interpreters with knowledge of nearly all the world's languages. We can also provide you with professional translators and interpreters for meetings, conferences, exhibitions or other important events on any subject.
For your convenience, we are ready to add some more options to your tour such as catering and room reservation at any category of the hotel, from a hostel to a five star hotel.
The main cities for the tours are Moscow and St. Petersburg.
Экскурсии по Москве для взрослых и детей  аренда автобусов, микроавтобусов, автомобилей аренда теплохода, речные прогулки и экскурсии
Tours in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Kaliningrad, Rostov-na-Donu, Volgograd and other cities of Russia.
We offer comfortable transportation with professional drivers for the excursions in the above-mentioned cities.
- Tours in Moscow: weekend tours, classic tours, unusual tours, military and epoch-making tours, tours for students.

- Transportation services in all cities of Russia.

You can rent comfortable buses, vans, limousines and VIP transport for transfers, trips around the city and out of the city, during excursions and other events.

- Boat trips in Moscow.

Booking and reservation of boats for a walk along the Moscow river. You can rent a boat for all kinds of events.
Tours of the Moscow river, entrance tickets for the boat trips.

Военные туры и Приключения Туры на космодром Байконур Курс молодого бойца

- Visa to Russia for the foreigners.

Tourist visa, business visa and working visa to Russia.

If you are going to obtain visa to Russia we can provide you with a tourist invitation, business invitation or working invitation for foreigners.
Professional specialists of our company are ready to consult you at any time convenient for you. We are available to communicate almost twenty-four hours a day.
Our specialists are ready to provide you with visa support every day and even on weekends.

Flights in fighter jets MiG-15, L-39 and L-29.

The jet flights take place in the near vicinities of Moscow, 90 km from Moscow. It is possible to choose a specific flight program on the exact date. We can also provide you with a gift certificate for the flight with a free flight date.
Flight programs in MiG-15, L-39 and L-29- advanced aerobatics.
Flight duration is from 20 minutes to 60 minutes.

- New! Active tours and adventures.

Baikonur launch tours for the Manned Space Flight.
Unusual tour program allows tourists not only to attend the launch from Baikonur cosmodrome, but also to see the rocket being transported on a special track, its installation on the launch pad of the cosmodrome and to attend the press conference with the astronauts.
Tour program at Baikonur will immerse you into an unforgettable atmosphere.
Military tours, the Course of the Young Fighter, Military machinery riding, integrated military-patriotic programs;
Tanks riding. Shooting from anti-tank guns, cannons, shooting from the tank.
- Exclusive military programs;
Firing from the blank weapons of WWII, Organization of festivals and corporate events on the military theme.

Military tours are oriented for the tourists of all ages, sexes, social groups and nationalities.
Military historians and professional instructors can develop an individual program on the military theme in addition to our standard programs.

The duration of our programs can be varied from several hours to several days.

NEW!!! River Battles in any time epoch. Masked balls on the water. Stylized interactive programs "Pirates of the 21st century".

NEW! Unique, interactive PROJECT «Travel in Time".
Immersion into any time epoch.
Unusual corporate events. Exciting scripts and programs.

Проект Путешествия во Времени

Старт ракеты с космодрома Байконур
Старт ракеты
Космодром Байконур.
Авто класса Люкс
Аренда автобусов
Аренда транспорта в Москве.
Комфортабельные минивэны.
Прогулки на речных корабликах.
Экскурсии в Санкт-Петербурге
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