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Visa to Russia Invitation of the foreigners

Invitations for foreigners. Types of invitations and rules of execution.

Invitations for foreigners Invitations for foreigners could be issued by the Federal Migration Service Directorate or by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The price of invitation execution for foreigners.

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Invitations for foreignersinclude the complete information on the person (in total accordance with passport/ID data)
To get the invitation to the Russian Federation the applicant should fill the appropriate application form.
An important point in the application form is the purpose of the trip. You should think about this in advance. The type of visa also depends on the purpose of the trip..
The invitations for foreigners will be provided based on the application form. In this form you should indicate places to visit (cities) and period of stay.
It is important to apply to reliable organization in advance. This organization will be responsible for intersession to public authorities regarding getting the invitation.
The name of this organization will be indicated in the invitation (address, post code).The organization which applies for invitation issuance (for foreigners) should assume all the measures to guarantee the foreigner’s(applicant) accommodation, medical insurance and financial secure.

Turnaround time for issuance an invitation could differ depending on date of entrance in Russia, on the period of the trip, the purpose of the trip, type of visa and nationality.

Invitation for business visa for foreignerscan be issued as an original copy, on specialized forms of the Federal Migration Service Directorate, or as a Telex from Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Both of these documents are legitimate.

If the applicant chooses the paper invitation from Federal Migration Service Directorate, it must be sent to the applicant in original copy only. In this case the applicant must add this document to the whole package for visa applying in consulate of the Russian Federation.

Usually, we assist in delivering this document (original of invitation) via international express courier companies.

The Telex of business invitation, issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be sent to the applicant via e-mail. This e-mail will include all details on invitation: inviting organization (with address and contact data), purpose of the trip, telex number and the date to apply for visa in Consulate of the Russian Federation.
The Telex of business invitation will be also sent to Russian Federation Consulate via interior communications of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. At the moment of visa applying, the information about the appropriate Telex will be already in Consulate of Russian Federation. The turnaround time of business visa execution is different (from 2 to 21 days).

Touristic invitation Touristic invitation is executed by Travel agencies. The Travel agency should be reliable and included in the Russian Federal Register of tour operators. As a rule the turnaround time of touristic invitation issuance takes from 10 minutes to 1 day. This type of invitation includes the voucher for accommodation and confirmation of reception.
To obtain the Touristic visa you should furnish the original or scan copy of touristic invitation.

Working permission for foreigners allow obtaining the working visa in Russia.
Working permission should be executed in original copy on the specialized forms of the Federal Migration Service Directorate. On the base of original copy of invitation the applicant will obtain visa to the Russian Federation. Working invitation is normally issued during 30 days, depending on the nationality.

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