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Visa to Russia Tourist visa

Tourist visa to Russia. Tourist invitation for foreigners to Russia. Tourist invitation for foreigners. The price and terms of registration.

Tourist invitation for foreigners. The price and terms of registration.

Type of invitation


Period of staying

Terms of registration



For groups – from 10 persons

600 rubles

1 entry/ 2 entries

Up to 14 days

1 hour

650 rubles

1 entry/ 2 entries

Up to 30 days

1 hour

800 rubles

Tourist – migration-dangerous countries

1 entry

Up to 30 days

1 hour

1 500 rubles

2 entry

Up to 30 days

1 hour

2 000 rubles


Application for a tourist invitation for foreigners, download >>>

Important! The delivery of invitations in Moscow is FREE!

If necessary, we are ready to support the registration of foreigners, putting them in the migration registration.

The cost of registration.

For the period up to 30 days - 2500 rubles.

For the period up to 90 days - 3500 rubles.

Tourist invitation for the foreigners in Russia.

Tourist invitation is one of the main elements and documents for visa registration in Russia, when a foreigner intends to visit the country for tourism.

Even when there are visa-free relations between countries, foreigners need to have tourist invitation from the inviting party of Russia almost always.

According to the law, only travel agency can make a tourist invitation for the foreigner.

The requirements for such a travel agency:

- the company must be a tour operator for international incoming tourism;

- the company must be registered in the Federal Register of tour Operators and have the testimony of tour operation;

- information about travel companies should be at the Consular Department of the MFA of the Russian Federation, which in its turn officially informs foreign Consular institutions on the full lawful activities of the company on the organization of incoming foreign tourists in Russia

According to the law of the Russian Federation, Tourist invitation must consist of a tourist voucher and confirmation of acceptance of tourist in Russia.

Tourist invitation for a foreigner in Russia should contain the following information:

- Name and surname of the tourist, the series and number of the passport, date of birth;

- Travel dates, the number of entries for tourist visa, purpose of the trip;

- Route of the tourist trip in Russia, cities to visit;

- Location: accommodation, hotel, hostel, pension, holiday house, apartments and so on;

- Information about the tour, transportation services and other travel services;

- City and country where the tourist visa to Russia will be obtained.

According to our previous experience, we can say that foreigners can submit tourist invitations with the rest of the package of documents for a visa in Russia in a scanned form, as well as in the original.

In many countries in the Russian Consulates, foreigners may get the tourist invitation from Russia in a scanned form and then submit it for obtaining visas.

Some Consulates of Russia accept only a Fax copy of the tourist invitation.

In the migration dangerous countries, Russian Consulates require the original invitations.

Tourist visa to Russia.

Tourist visa to Russia can be of a short-term, it means the period of staying in Russia for such a visa is not more than thirty days. Some Consulates of Russia abroad sometimes do not even give tourist visa for maximum of 30 days, explaining that foreigners actually cannot go to Russia for tourism for a period of 1 month.

You should always bear in mind such nuances while obtaining a tourist visa.

Having a great experience in the sphere of tourism and making a large number of tourist visas to Russia for foreigners, we recommend you to confirm your real purpose of trips to Russia with all possible existing documents, especially tourist purpose

What is it for? For us it is very important to be sure that none of the employees of the Consulate of the Russian Federation abroad cannot doubt in the real purpose of your trip to Russia. Nowadays, much attention is paid to the issue of migration in the framework of the law. Therefore, great attention is also paid to obtaining and making tourist visa to Russia and the specialists of Consular establishment abroad always check all the documents required to obtain a tourist visa to Russia very thoroughly.

The number of entries of a tourist visa. The number of entries on a tourist visa to Russia.

For your convenient travel around Russia, legislation strictly regulates the number of entries on a tourist visa. The number of trips reflects the multiplicity of the visa.

Tourist visa can be of one entry or of two entries

One-entry tourist visa allows to enter Russia once and to leave the country once in the terms established by visa.

Two-entry tourist visa to Russia allows entering and leaving the country two times within the visa validity period.

The list of documents for obtaining a tourist visa to Russia.

You can always get the latest information on this issue on the website of the Russian Embassy abroad.

Relying on our great work experience, the managers of "Tour in City " company recommend to prepare the following documents for obtaining a tourist visa to Russia:

- Tourist invitation letter from the inviting organization;

- Photos;

- Completed application form for a tourist visa to Russia;

- Insurance policy;

- Visa fees;

Additionally, to confirm the tourist purpose of going to Russia it is desirable to have:

- Confirmation of hotel booking for duration of staying in Russia. If possible, we recommend you or make pre-payment or payment of the hotel in advance;

- Booked airline or railway tickets to Russia and back.

Now some Russian Consulates abroad strictly demand the documents recommended by us for applying for a tourist visa to Russia.

Tourist visa to Russia often use by businessmen who come to Russia for a short period of time for negotiations, participation in exhibitions and conferences.

According to the law of the Russian Federation, the Russian Consulate can consider documents for a tourist visa up to 20 (twenty) days.

However, our experience suggests that, as a rule, if you have all necessary documents, a tourist visa can be obtained much faster. It is important to bear in mind that in the Russian Consulate abroad there is always an opportunity to accelerate the issue of obtaining a tourist visa to Russia.

There must be valid reasons and bases for that, and it is more likely that the visa fee will be higher in this case compared to the fee in the standard terms of obtaining a tourist visa.

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