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Visa to Russia Working visa

Working visa for foreigners in Russia. Registration of work invitation.

Working visa to Russia. Registration of work invitation for visa. Documents needed to obtain a working visa to Russia. The cost and terms of obtaining work invitation.

The specialists of «"Tour in City"» can make workinvitation to Russia for foreigners for 1 year and 3 years.

The cost of making a work invitation.


Price (rub).

For 1 year

For 3 year

European countries (except Serbia, Turkey, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, Cuba.



Vietnam, China



Africa, Philippines, India 80000 90000

All other countries




Price includes the following services:

- Making work invitation(issued on FMS form);

- Employ permit – - plastic card (obtained personally by the foreigner on arrival to Russia on a working visa);

- Registration in Moscow(migration registration for the first term of stay in Russia).

After making the original work invitation we can send it to the foreigner using an international service of Express delivery.

Additionally, the foreign guest will have to pay the visa fee at the Consulate of the Russian Federation abroad for obtaining the working visa to Russia.

Work invitation to Russia. Terms of registration. The list of documents.

Standard terms of registration - 45 working days.

For migration-dangerous countries, timing is not guaranteed.

The consular staff give you working visa to Russia based on work invitation, which is the foundation and permission to enter Russia and to work there.

The terms of issuing a working visa in the Consulate of the Russian Federation are regulated by the legislative acts of Russia, as a rule, it takes 10 working days.

List of documents for making a work invitation.

Important!All documents are provided in the copies.

- Passport copy (the 1st page with photo);

- Passport copy (1st page with photo) - translated into Russian, apostille certified in the Russian Consulate or a notary certified translation into Russian;

- Copy of diploma and all applications to the diploma, mark sheets;

- Copy of diploma and all applications to the diploma, mark sheets - translated into Russian, apostille certified in the Russian Consulate or a notary certified translation into Russian;

- Four photos, size 3*4. Photos - matte and color, with no area.

In addition, to make your work invitation, there are some other things needed:

- to specify the address of residence of the foreign citizen in Russia;

- to tell us the names of Russian cities, which will be visited by the foreigner, so that we could take into account when making invitations.

Useful information for obtaining a working visa to Russia.

You should be very careful while preparing documents to obtain a work visa to Russia.

What is an apostille?

The apostille is – an assertion of the authenticity of any document by the official state agency. This institution abroad is the Consulate of the Russian Federation.

The Consular officer Russia will assure the translated document with the seal of the Consulate.

You may use copies of documents made in Russia and notarized for obtaining working visa to Russia.

For your convenience, our managers can arrange the entire procedure of preparation the documents for a work visa to Russia.

- Free consultations on the preparation of documents for work invitation;

- Consultation on making the diploma of education in case of its absence;

- Translation of all necessary documents and notarization by a notary.

Working visa allows the foreigner to work legally and to stay on the territory of Russia. During the validity period of the visa, the foreigner does not have to leave the country. It is very convenient, it saves your time and money.

If a foreigner, who has a working visa to Russia, wants to leave Russia, there will not be any problems. Working visa does not limit the period of staying in Russia, as business visa does.

Working visa to Russia. Special features of making visa.

Today a great number of foreign citizens work in Russia. Therefore, state agencies must clearly and legislatively regulate the rules of entry to the Russian Federation and the regulations of registration and obtaining working visa.

Specialists from abroad are highly valued in Russia, so in some cases the Legislation of the Russian Federation regulates simplification.

Choosing the right job and employer is an important issue when you apply for a working visa in Russia. So that you can officially stay in Russia.

We hope that the information given on this page will help you toget a working visa to Russia for a foreigner and this process will not seem so difficult.

Working visais very convenient for the foreigners, it allows to stay on the territory of Russia absolutely officially and gives right to work.

At the moment every foreign visitor should understand that the working visa to Russia also carries a certain responsibility. The list of requirements for foreign citizens who are going to work in Russia is being approved legislatively already. This is knowledge of the Russian language (written and oral), official registration, etc.

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